Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Warm and Fuzzy

I had a (slightly odd) conversation with someone recently about silver linings. Today was a slightly morbid one at work (I'm not really sure why), so I thought I'd try to find some silver linings for myself. It could be a fun game. If not, I'm sorry. Bear with me.

Yucky: I'm poor. It sucks. I spend all my money on racing. I could get a second job, but it would cut into my training time, which would negatively influence my racing, which would be no fun.

Silver lining: I have an unofficial sponsor. Said sponsor is comprised of a good friend/customer of mine and his athletically gifted girlfriend who I call Mom. She supplied me with a huge bag of tampons and shaving cream. He delivered it. I found it really amusing. While this "sponsorship" doesn't make me any less poor, it does ensure I am hygenic and have smooth, silky, raspberry scented legs.

Yucky: I think I had a run-in with one of the not-cool people from my previous post last night. I say I think because I'm not sure if he actually is one, but I'm willing to bet he is.

Silver lining: I ran into him at Hellyer where I was doing another beginner session. Vanessa and my new friend Julie were there. The three of us got to be a group and Michael said we were pro. I'm a sucker for sport-related compliments. We did a scratch race (except it was the beginner session, so not really a race) and I won. I like winning non-races. Michael called me competitive. Apparently I don't hide it well. He made me do another one right afterward and it hurt a lot but was still fun. I got a massage later that night. My massage girl invited me to her birthday party and called me Gumby. Those two things are no way related.

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