Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Again

I am back in the land of normal oxygen levels, and it's quite nice to not feel like passing out after running up the stairs. Overall the trip was good: I made new friends (who are going to teach me how to surf, allegedly), got some altitude workouts in which should prove useful in upcoming races, and got to catch up with old friends. Sadly, my overall impression of the trip was ruined by some shitty people in the last couple days. It baffles me that grown-up adult people (think ten+ years older than me) can act like such juvenile a-holes. Jerks.

Anywho, here are a couple of pictures of the fun times:

My old friend Andy. He's small. He eats chips in helmet boxes.

My new friend Harj. She always looks like this. Someone should say something.

The view along the bike path on one of my road rides. Saw marmots and chipmunks.


Denise said...

What and who are these mean people you keep speaking of? Write them out of your life and mind.

A.Fog said...

They are mean and petty people. Happily, I'm no longer stuck with a bunch of them. Now I'm home with nice people who like me and ride bikes with me. Much better.