Wednesday, July 9, 2008


In August there is a race I think I should be at in Ogden, UT. I am poor, so am considering driving to said race. It's a 12 hour drive according to mapquest, which is really not much longer than other solo race-bound drives I have done in the past. Since I am poor and can't easily afford a hotel room someone suggested I rent a U-Haul and sleep in that. I have friends that will be there for the race too, and they have agreed to let me use their hotel bathroom in exchange for my driving their CO2 cartridges out there. Has anyone done this U-Haul hotel thing before? Am I crazy for considering it? Advice?


Denise said...

If you price the rental of a U-haul and then add in the cost of the gas used to pull the extra may have spent the same amount for a hotel room.

Your friends will not let you sleep on their floor?

A.Fog said...

Nah...I tried bribing them. They apparently have "a really small room"

Lorri Lee Lown -- velogirl said...

would you like to borrow my camping gear? much better than sleeping in a u-haul, silly!