Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's hot outside

Needed to whine for a second. I'm not a fan of the heat like this. I'd rather it rained. BUT, I get to go to Copper Mountain CO next week for ten days and I'm told the weather is in the 70's. Happy day! Should also be good for getting used to training/racing at altitude (base of Copper Mountain is 9700ft, top is 12000-ish).

I did not race yesterday. The people I was going to tag along with had to bail, and I got stuck at work longer than would have worked well. I ordered pizza instead.

It was good.

I looked deeper into the Ogden hotel thing and I think I might just pony up and get a room. I'm figuring the money I save being in CO (where my lodging and meals are all paid for) will offset the UT trip money a little. If not, I could always sell a kidney or something.

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