Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ummmm yeah.

Soooo I'm supposed to be using my Powertap during the TT tomorrow morning to collect data for future training and it seems the bike gods are not feeling me today.

I recently ordered myself a second wiring harness so I could have my road bike and my TT bike both set up for PT use (and my current PT is not wireless, since beggars can't be choosers). I had slapped the new harness on the bike Tuesday night, and it was kind of loose and floppy so I asked one of the boys at the shop to fix it. And he accidentally CUT THE WIRE. WTF?!?!

At first I didn't even think about it. But then I new harness is now useless...and I still have to pay for it...arrgg!!!!

I got frustrated to the point of near tears, exacerbated by the fact that wire-cutter boy thought it necessary to taunt me about my shit being broken. I formulated a plan to get myself back up and running for tomorrow: I'll just take the harness off my road bike and put it on the TT bike for tomorrow.

I tried that. I have it about halfway on and I ran out of zip ties that will fit. All the ones I have are too fat. I used all the little scraps of skinny zip ties that came off the road bike but the spot I had them in didn't work so I had to cut them. I searched the house for some more but no luck. I tried to be all crafty and MacGuyver (sp?) and I'm all out of ideas. So I quit until tomorrow. I'm just going to sit here all pouty and stupid.

Stupid wires.

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