Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Last year I made resolutions and I sorta kinda kept some of them. This year I'm not going to come up with anything specific other than to continue on the path that I think I am on. I have made a concerted effort to clean up my messes and to weed out the people that are less than constructive in my world. I have managed to surround myself with some good people, and I'd like to keep them around and add more to my good people arsenal.

And I'm going to finish an Ironman and be all fit and fast and stuff.

And I will be happy.

And it will be good.

Also, I decided the other day that I need to go play in Yosemite at some point this year because it is beautiful and fairly convenient. I'd also like to hike the Grand Canyon. So if anyone wants to go with me let me know and we'll go!

Happy 2009!!!!


Denise said...

Happy New Year, from freezing Fresno!

Unknown said...

if you want to hike the grand canyon, 1.) don't go in the summer and 2.) plan ahead cuz' it takes a while to get permits and stuff. :)

that's all.