Friday, December 5, 2008

Things and Stuff

Someone just offered to loan me their 'Toughen the Fuck Up' bracelet. Some people are such givers!

There's not really anything exciting going on lately. On Monday I "officially" started training for Ironman. So really I have ridden my bike a couple times and gone running some. It's quite cold so swimming probably isn't that smart, even though I kind of want to.

I told my friend about a stalk-ish incident I had a couple weeks ago and she made me promise never to be in a room alone with said stalk-ish-er.

My leg is pretending to be better every once in a while, so I'm beginning to think amputation MIGHT not be necessary. I'm finding that electrocution helps, courtesy of my customer that likes to give me stuff like a Powertap and an e-stim dealy. And he wants to pay me to play with his kids, which I do for free already.

On Sunday we are riding Mt. Hamilton again, and I will bring dollar bills for the vending machine at the top. Hopefully the snacks in it aren't all old and gross.

My dad requested a Christmas list from me so I made him a Powerpoint slide show. I'm told it is quite funny, which is what I was going for. So that's good.

I ordered some picture books from Snapfish for Christmas presents for people who might want to see pictures of me. I paid for four. A few days later I got a package and was all excited and opened it to find someone else's book (singular) full of pictures of a baby. They live in Virginia. I emailed Snapfish and got a response a couple days later that I should wait longer as my order was in the mail. Only they were full of crap, so I called them at work the other day and sat on hold listening to an HP recording for like twenty minutes until an Indian lady that barely spoke English got on the line and I explained to her like three times what happened so she said she would resubmit my order and 2-Day Air my books to me. Hopefully it works.

But really, nothing exciting has been going on.

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