Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some day I will learn...maybe

I'm leaving my house at noon tomorrow to get on a plane to the North Pole (Minnesota) and still need to do laundry. As soon as I finish this very important blogging-about-nothing-while-listening-to-Harry-Potter-in-the-background business I will get right on it. Never mind that it is midnight. It won't wake anyone up (and besides, one of the roommies is currently passed out on the couch with the TV on). Yeah. I procrastinate.

On Saturday I went for a run after work. I was all excited to run which is like snow in Morocco. It just doesn't happen. So I loaded up my iPod with some new (terribly terrible but I still like it) music and headed out to do a little streetlight-assisted out and back from my house. I ran in the dirt because it was easier on my feet. I managed not to break my ankle on the uneven stuff. Very near my house, I was running on the smooth, neatly groomed tan bark next to the paved path and was suddenly on my face in the mud. WTF!?!?! Who did that?!!? I jumped up, checked that no cars were in the immediate vicinity, and found a loop of black sprinkler line sticking out of the ground. Tricky fuckers! I wiped the mud of my clothes and iPod and finished the run. Now I have a bruise on my ankle from the makeshift tripwire. Someone totally did that on purpose.

I was supposed to ride up Mt. Diablo yesterday but it rained so I drank tequila at lunch instead. I think that's a fair trade.

It's going to be really really cold in Minnesota.

Really really.

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