Saturday, November 29, 2008

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I just read Katy's race-day report (not race report) and am kind of inspired. I don't feel like I have ever gutted it out as much as she did. She rocks. I wanna rock.

On Thanksgiving I rode up Mount Hamilton with Vanessa. There was talk of doing the ride as part of our Sunday shop rides and that was stressing me out a little because I felt like I would have to go fast and hurt and stuff. When Vanessa told me she was going up with a bunch of the VeloGirls, I hopped right on that train and showed up. V and I ended up getting split up from the rest of the girls when they went to find the bathroom, so we ended up riding alone. It was quite nice to catch up on the girly talk. For a little while, we rode with Brook Miller, the current women's road race and crit (I think) National Champion and her boyfriend. She has ludicrisly large quads. But not just uniformly big quads - she has nice toned cyclist legs - with datschund- sized muscles stuck on top of the other muscles. It was quite impressive. And they were quite nice. But anywho, we climbed the 19-ish miles up to the Lick Observatory through the fog and past all the squished salamanders and met up with the rest of the girls when they got to the top. The climb wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and the descent was pretty fun once we got past the first few crappy/sketchy miles. It was a good way to spend the morning.

For dinner I went to Alicia's parents' house. Tons of fun. I drank most of a bottle of wine to myself and ate so much that it hurt.

This morning I rode again with a customer (who is a flight nurse and invited me to go on a fly-along...awesome!) and my butt hurts. Which means I have been riding a lot. Which is good.

Apparently I start some version of my ironman training on Monday. So much better than doing nothing!

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