Sunday, December 7, 2008

Climby Climb

Today we rode Mt. Hamilton again as a substitute for our usual Sunday ride. I think I beat my last climb time by like 45 minutes (think because I don't know exactly, but it was between 30 and 45 minutes faster. It was pretty sweet. I took off with one of our usuals, Casey. Elliott caught us pretty quickly, and Casey took off with him. I rode alone from mile 2-ish to the top. It was fine, I get along pretty well with me. I sang songs in my head. Sometimes out loud. Someone told me about seeing a mountain lion the other day, so I freaked myself out a little that one was following me. And the other day I had a dream that I was being hunted by coyotes. My boyfriend from high school was there too in his pjs. I threw a coffee mug at one of the coyotes and tried to walk briskly (so as not to elicit a chase) away, but there were more and they had us circled. It would suck. Didn't do much for my not-freaking-myself-out strategy to think about that. So I went back to the singing.

When we got to the top we went inside the observatory and the lady that works there gave us a tour of the big telescope. It was really big (57 feet I think she said). The floor lifts up so that people can get to the eyepiece. It was sweet. Mr. Lick (that the place is named after) is buried under the floor. We saw a bunch of space pictures and old construction pictures and stuff. Definitely the most interesting mid-ride break I have had lately.

I brought a dollar and got Skittles. They were kind of hard, but still delicious. I was going to get something more "healthy" like trail mix or something, but the Skittles won the mental debate. They were Tropical. I shared them while we were sitting on a heater inside the observatory.

On the way down I got passed by a silver BMW convertable that had been at the top. But I caught him again when the road went from crappy and slow to moderately crappy and swoopy. The two baby climbs on the way down hurt more than they should have. I ate the rest of the Skittles in the car while I talked about people doing a Deca-Ironman (IM distance x 10) with Elliott. He thinks it's stupid. I have no desire to do one, but I think I would want to crew for someone. You'd see some messed up stuff, and I'm weird like that.

When I got home I made food and my stupid roommate and his stupid kid came home. They are excessively loud. Yesterday when I got home the kid started whining about wanting to watch Harry Potter on tv and there was nothing on that I wanted to watch so I let him have the tv in the living room while I holed up in my room. Today I was finishing my food and watching CSI when they got home and the little shit came over and tried guilting me into giving him the tv. I said no, and that he should probably go in the other room because the show is too scary for him (he's 5). He gave up the guilt trip and straight up told me to go in my room. I told him to go in his. That kid sucks. I'm staying on the couch out of spite. Ha! He should go play outside anyway.


Unknown said...

i hate roommates, especially ones with little asshole kids. that sucks. stake your claim on that couch!

Denise said...

That climb is a killer. There is no snow on top, yet?