Sunday, November 23, 2008

Congrats Katy!!!!!!

I'm SO proud of my friend and blog-follower Katy for finishing Ironman Arizona in 12:15 today! Can't wait to read your race report.

In other news, I ran the Santa Cruz Turkey Trot 10k yesterday and my legs hate me for it. Guess one should run more frequently than once a month. But I got to run with my very good friend Alicia and we chatted the whole time, so it was good times. Some random dude running back and forth on the path the race was using said hi to me three times. He was not part of the turkey-trotters. It was a little weird.

Today I went for a bike ride with my other blog-follower, Todd. It was nice to not ride the same roads as always, and to have a little different company. Plus he rode off the road (almost twice) while talking to me so I got to laugh at him. Apparently I forgot how to use clipless pedals, so I got to look like a newbie the whole time. Suh-weet.

Tomorrow I plan to swim (gasp!) in the morning. Wish me luck.

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