Monday, November 17, 2008

Bike Weekend

I have no more races for a little while so I'm not really sure what to post about.

This weekend I went to two cross races and rode my bike once, which brings my bike-riding total to twice in the last three weeks, which is not overly ambitious. We did ride 50 miles and I had that too-tired-to-focus-my-eyes thing going on while eating my post-ride bagel and chocolate milk though, so I think I got some bang for my buck.

The night time cross race was my favorite, but probably mostly because I was handed a beer AND a cup of rum-filled hot cider and got to double-fist my booze for a good part of the night. And I got to scream and take pictures and stuff. The guy racing with the suit and tie was cool.

The day-time cross race the next day was still fun but significantly less alcoholic. And it was hot and I was all salty from riding in the morning and wearing an outfit I pieced together from random workout clothes in my car. But the race director gave us a box of strawberries (after possibly asking if we were lesbians) that were very good but I ate too many and gave myself a stomach ache. And we sang Bon Jovi songs in the car and it felt like a road trip. There are worse things.

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