Friday, August 8, 2008

Hair cut

Yesterday was my day off and I decided to get my hair cut. I'm very impulsive when it comes to hair cuts, once I decide I want one, I want it NOW. I had been thinking about getting mine cut for like two days...very patient in my book.

The place I have been going was closed, but it normally costs me like $50 to get a cut, so I decided to shop around. I called around, but everyone was either booked for the day (interfering with my "NOW" plans), or too much money (ummm...$60 for a hair cut? Just to make it shorter? WTF?)

I decided to go with the cheapy chain place that you can just walk right in. The one closest to me happens to be geared towards men, but whatever. I'll watch football, I don't care.

The lady who did the cut was weird.

She wasn't going to cut as much as I wanted (five inches) because she thought I was 18. I don't look 18.

She acted like she was going to pawn me off on her 19 year old son (who won't move out and plays computer games all day...HOT)

I told her I work at a bike shop. She asked if it's temporary (because it's not a real job and all). I said it helped with my bike racing habit. She called me a tomboy ("but it's ok, I race motorcycles, I'm a tomboy too.")

I don't think racing makes me a tomboy.

She tried to talk me into getting a "girly" haircut at the other salon she works at. With highlights and everything. Because her sons like highlights.

I fixed the spots she missed with scissors this morning.

Probably won't go there again.

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