Thursday, July 2, 2009

I promise I will write a proper race report eventually

So I finished the Ironman. It was hard. Not that it is surprising, hard is kind of the point.

I probably should be more excited about the whole thing, but I'm really not. I'm a little embarassed. I think I should have done better. I KNOW I should have trained better, but there were things I could have done or not done that would have made a difference. I feel like I want to put it behind me and move on, which is impossible since everyone wants to talk about it.


I almost have a new coach with seemed all shiny and cool because it could be my post-iron new start, but all he wanted to talk about was why I sucked (not really, he wouldn't say that) and chastise me for not training enough. Guess what? I already knew that. Let's just chalk it up to a learning experience and move right along, k?

So between now and when I have time to sit down and blog again, I will leave you with an extremely abbreviated version of my "race"

Swim: "Aw crap here we go...holy crap waves...panic attack...swim swim swim....kick some guy in the are bigger....gonna die...swim..swim...yay done!"

Bike: "Damn I'm slow...pedal pedal pedal pedal...OMG hills....OMG HILLS....OH. MY. GAWD. hills....whew!!! I have to do it again?!?! Mr. Medic, I was not throwing up....HILLS la la.....I'm done!

Run: "Crap, my legs are broken....oh look, it's pee....this is fucking stupid....power walk..."Dad, my foot is BROKEN!!! It is!!!! *SOB* I SWEAR, it's BROKEN!!!"...poncho and rain....heh Elliott came to check on me....ok, I have two hours to walk 4 miles....I can do that....ow ow ow ow everything hurts....OMG now my non-athletic brother came to check on me....can see the finish...blisters exploding like finish line fireworks...and I'm spent."

The end.

You know you want to read the not-from-concentrate version.


Anonymous said...

Cannot even imagine doing one of these beyond the thought of even training for one. I thought getting in enough training just for Santa Barbara LC was tough enough.
Me likey the shorter events (I never race now ... just event).
Sandman in August perhaps?
Mermaid-Santa Cruz in September?
Think yer crazy but oh-so-cute.
;0) 'Lizzie Mac.

LaBlog de LaBerge said...

Dude, you finished. Not everyone does that. Everyone, after their first, second, third or even 100th Ironman says they should have trained more. It is what it is.... a HUGE FRIGGIN GAMBLE...

Welcome to the Club. :) It's quite hard to earn admission. Most don't even dare, because of the daunting challenge. You ran your marathon AFTER riding 112 miles and swimming. You're in the Club for life now. Accept it. You suffered greatly, more than most...and yet you still dug deep enough to finish. Time is irrelevant.

Ya's really ok to be proud of yourself.

Really. !!!
I sure am proud of you!

faliciagayle said...

While I am no a member of the club, I heartily agree with everything LeBerge said.

You are freakin' awesome Amy.

I was going to call you and ask for a race report, but maybe I'll just let it go ;)

love ya, toots.

other a.

A.Fog said...

I know, I know, you guys are right. I am slowly getting over my iron-aversion, and am getting over myself. Once I breathe some life into my computer I will race report for real.

You guys are awesome!