Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back in the Water

I was a good little fishy and went swimming two whole times this week and it was awesome and I realized how much I missed it. I went on Wednesday morning (at 6 am) and it was far less painful that it should have been from a sleep deprivation standpoint. I felt like I could swim for about the first ten minutes until my swimming muscles reminded me that they are tiny and feeble and have been asleep since October 26th. The rest of the hour I felt like I was swimming through syrup. Swimmy Timmy (aka Coach Tim) said I looked good, so apparently I am a graceful flail-er.

I went again this morning and it was much better. Not only was the session at a decent hour (8:00 am), but I must have grown some guns since Wednesday. I stayed with the fastest guy doing the workout for like half of the main set, and still did fine after I had to slow it down. Swimmy Timmy told me he's proud of me, so that pretty much made it worth the screaming muscles and hypoxia.

And then a girl who came to the shop once gave me personally and the shop compliments, so that was pretty cool. She had a cute swim cap.

Oooh, and apparently I have developed swimming-induced amnesia or something, as I discovered this morning that I left my swim suit and cap at the pool on Wednesday (and they are no where to be found). Then today, I left my fins at the end of my lane and almost left without them, then got all confused when some girl was in the lane I was in. Ugh. Retarded.

I was also a good little bike girl and didn't miss any of my work outs. Next week I plan to do all my run workouts too. I wanna be a good little athlete!